2015 T5 2.0

Medium-sized sedan with a contemporary look

  1. taa
    The T5 is a medium-sized sedan released in 2015.
    It is equipped with a 2.5L V6 engine.
    It has a comfortable driving experience with an AWD drive system and a high-quality interior. The light has a contemporary design with a series of thin lines. Equipped with room lights to ensure visibility inside the vehicle when driving at night.
    The T5 has excellent safety performance and keeps the cabin occupant space at a viable level even in the event of a high-speed collision.

    Postscript: A vehicle with the same name existed in the real world.
    The vehicle has nothing to do with this vehicle.

    HiResPhoto43.png HiResPhoto44.png HiResPhoto45.png HiResPhoto46.png HiResPhoto47.png

    A comparison video of a collision test between a medium-sized sedan of the same rank as BeamNG and a T5.

Recent Updates

  1. TAA T5 (Fixed rear design!)

Recent Reviews

  1. mhegai
    Version: 1.0
    that moment when the interior looks waaay better than the outside.
    But srsly, the interior looks very nice for Automation, but the exterior....
    Let me say it like this: Although the front-end of the car looks impressive, the rear-end has that weird thing i cant explain that JUST BARELY makes the car look less realistic and slightly weird to look at.

    In other words, fix the rear and a fifth star will be yours
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