Beta 2015 Ibishu Covet S 1.0

The long awaited rebirth of the Covet

  1. bgrunwald
    HighresScreenshot00018.png HighresScreenshot00019.png HighresScreenshot00020.png HighresScreenshot00021.png
    In 2015 Ibishu brought back the Covet name with the Covet GT, a limited run of sub-compact sport hatchbacks. When the sales far exceeded Ibishu's expectations, the public expressed their desire for more models, so Ibishu released the 2015 Ibishu Covet S, the entry model.

Recent Reviews

  1. Martin.S
    Version: 1.0
    WOW... Is that body mod?
  2. NVT_06
    Version: 1.0
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