2011 Gavril Barstow Cobra 1.0

The final hurrah of a dying breed

  1. killercar34
    Back in 2008, Gavril decided to resurrect one of their old names to bring to a modern era full of mostly Minivans, Crossovers, and Hybrids; the Barstow. The Barstow was a no Fs giving Supercharged Monster of a muscle car. However, in 2011, Barstow decided to release the most powerful Barstow they could make without having to sell the car for over 70 grand; the Barstow Cobra. Carrying a 6.4L "Venom" V8 that boasted over 470hp and a top speed over 200mph, the Barstow Cobra was a car no one wanted to mess with. Unfortunately, only 80,000 Barstow Cobras were built, so it's a bit rare to see one actually being driven around, but when one is found, a group of gobsmacked car enthusiasts will follow.


    1. GavrilBarstow.png
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