200BX Rocket Bunny Kit 2.1

Rocket bunny style kit for the 200bx

  1. Mesh/Texture fixes

    -Added in my carbon texture which I forgot to include in the previous update
    -Fixed some bad mesh spots and edge splits in weird places
    -Redid thumbnails to look like the current dev ones
  2. Complete Overhaul

    This update completely overhauls the mod

    • A new V1 Rocket Bunny Kit
    • More configs to utilize the added parts
    • Diffuser Licence Plate holder so it's not floating anymore :p
    Fixes and Patches:
    • Almost every model has been remade from scratch to have much better proportions and to have a nicer model so it not only looks better but deforms better
    • Every part has been re-jbeamed properly
    • Spoilers now actually have a jbeam
    • Carbon parts are now...
  3. BenSopra 380SX

    This update adds in a whole ton of stuff

    - BenSopra 380SX Parts
    • Hood
    • Headlights
    • Slanted Radiator
    • Body (Carbon Roof and Cut Front for Lights)
    • Body Coloured Rollcage
    • Config
    - Bumper proportions and shape changed cause I thought they looked weird
    - Separated the bottom part of the splitter and the canards
    - Updated Thumbnails
  4. Flareless Kit

    This update adds a new "flareless" version of the kit (Front Bumper and Skirts) along with a new stance config aswell as many bug fixes and model/texture improvemements and changes etc.

    rbstance.png screenshot_2019-11-21_19-31-50.png

    Enjoy and please PM me if you find any bugs :D
  5. Fixes

    Forgot to change thumbnails and configs for the previous update so this does that.
  6. New Skin & more

    New update includes:
    • New Skin (Colourable)
    • New 17x9 Pandem 6666 Gunmetal Rims
    • Straightened the arch so the wheels fit better
    • Various model improvements
    screenshot_2019-07-14_00-48-11.png screenshot_2019-07-14_00-48-59.png screenshot_2019-07-14_00-49-31.png
  7. Fixed rivets

    The rivets were previously showing no texture for some people so this fixes that
  8. Big update!

    This update contains quite a few things

    Rear diffuser
    3 new spoilers each with a coloured or carbon version:
    Low Mount/Chassis Mount

    BeamNGdrive-015037624-RELEASE-x6414_03_20195_04_12PM.png BeamNGdrive-015037624-RELEASE-x6414_03_20195_05_38PM.png
    Low Doluck
    BeamNGdrive-015037624-RELEASE-x6414_03_20195_06_28PM.png BeamNGdrive-015037624-RELEASE-x6414_03_20195_06_48PM.png
    High Doluck
    BeamNGdrive-015037624-RELEASE-x6414_03_20195_07_26PM.png BeamNGdrive-015037624-RELEASE-x6414_03_20195_07_55PM.png
    Front splitter
    4 New exhausts:
    Dual raised

    BeamNGdrive-015037624-RELEASE-x6414_03_20195_00_43PM.png ...
  9. Intercooler and Skirts

    -Moved the intercooler down so its right behind the hole in the bumper
    -Added sideskirts
    -Small model improvements
    screenshot_2019-02-19_20-57-01.png rocket_bunny.png
  10. Rivets!

    Finally added rivets and some other fixes screenshot_2019-02-14_16-43-18.png screenshot_2019-02-14_16-43-39.png
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