2006 Outlaw Bullet 427 1.0

The cheapest way to reach 200 Mph? Find out by yourself!

  1. Reiko's CF Emolga
    2006 OUTLAW BULLET 427

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    The Outlaw Bullet is the first production super car made by Outlaw Performance Engineering (O.P.E), an American tuning house. Their idea of a supercar is a bit different from a lot of sports car manufacturers. They want the car to go fast enough to reach high speeds, but also to keep the price cheap enough, especially for high end performance on highways as a reminisence of their past experience as either street racers or professional race car drivers.

    The inspiration of the car comes straight from the original Ford GT40. Despite the cheap price they're offering (which is somewhere near $55k), it will be produced in limited numbers for some reason. In the end, the world has witnessed the Bullet, and it's all that matters.


    - 7L V8 90 degrees producing 650 HP and 900 Nm of torque
    - 6-Speed Geared LSD Manual Transmission
    - Sports Compound Tyres 255F/295R
    - 4 Pistons Vented Disc Brakes (F355mm/R355mm)
    - Semi Clad Undertray
    - 2 Seater Basic Interior
    - Basic CD
    - ABS, TC
    - 90’s Basic Safety
    - Standard Springs, Active Sway Bars, Semi Active Dampers

    - Top Speed: 202 Mph
    - 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds
    - 50 to 75 in 1.5 seconds
    - Quarter mile in 10.74 seconds
    - 1 Km in 19.02 seconds
    - Cornering Radius 20m: 1.16g
    - Cornering Radius 200m: 1.17g
    - Roll Angle: 2.5 degrees
    - 62 to 0: 31.6m
    - Kerb Weight: 1340 Kg
    - Weight Distribution: 40F/60R

    Let me know what you think, enjoy the ride and have a good day!
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