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2003 Imposter Type-S 1.0

Bust out in style

  1. killercar34
    NOTE: If the name is not obvious, this is a fan recreation of the Imposter Type-S from Sims Busting Out. The Imposter Type-S belongs to Maxis, Griptonite Games, Ideaworks Game Studio, and EA, not me.

    The Imposter Type-S is a budget friendly sports coupe/convertible from the early 2000s. This specific Type-S convertible has happened to have been modified in the early 2000s. It has been given a obnoxious body kit, giant spoiler, giant exhaust pipe, racing bucket seats, a booming stereo, and at one point it had Green and Pink graphics, but they have unfortunately peeled off a long time ago. It's 2.2L I4 also makes 280hp thanks to a tune up and a turbocharger, you know, for when those times when your foot starts to feel a little heavy.


    1. ImposterTypeS.png
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