Unsupported 2000 Gavril Roamer Facelift (and Other New Roamer Parts)

Extra parts and configurations for the Gavril Roamer.

  1. Long time in the making... 0.9.0.x Update

    Toron Beldevar
    This is the update to the 2000 Gavril Roamer mod! I was planning on releasing this during the final days of, but I was kind of stumbling over a few niggling issues, and then I had to do a few more things when the 0.9.0 update to BeamNG.drive was released, and I was busy with other things as well. I’ve forgotten a few of the changes I’ve made to this mod, but what I’ve remembered is all in here.

    This changelog will be divided into three sections. This first bit is the new content that has been added as part of the 0.9.0.x updates to BeamNG.drive:
    • Update Jbeams to, which fixes some issues
    • Camouflage livery
    This next section is a list of all the compatible stuff that came before the 0.9.0.x updates (stuff from -, yeah it’s that old):
    • BeamNavigator (GPS)
    • Two-tone paint (at least works better than the previous version)
    • Snorkel
    • Running boards
    • Spotlights
    • Front bumper accessories (push bar, bull bar)
    This last section is all the other changes:
    • Updated INFO.JSON, so the colors and performance data of each model match the originals
    • Updated vehicle selector previews
    • Updated camera code. Even the fender camera was still there!
    • Updated facelift parts for the Gavril Roamer Sport; everything is aligned now.
    • Added Xtreme configuration (including 2000 model)
    • 2000 V8 Sport models now have tinted glass
    • Reshaped the facelift bumpers a bit
    • Remodeled the 2000 fascia bar, should look a lot better
    • Removed duplicate parts
    • The sunroof glass is now part of the glass instead of the body
    • Improved the deformGroup for the sunroof glass
    • Fixed “interior_color” slot not appearing on the sunroof body
    • Fixed red “link target” errors in the T3D console
    • Fixed UVs for the facelift parts, two-tone should work better now
    • Fixed edge splits and weird shading on some parts
    Again, I lost track of ALL the changes I made to this mod, but I’m sure you have a clear idea on the improvements I did remember. Enjoy the new update!
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