2000 Edsel Rambo 7400 D1

7.4L OHV V12 QuadTurbo Diesel | 630 HP & 1.966 Nm

  1. Thomsen
    Backstory: Edsel was a brand of automobile that was marketed by the Ford Motor Company from the 1958 to the 1960 model years. Deriving its name from Edsel Ford, son of company founder Henry Ford, Edsel’s were developed in an effort to give Ford a fourth brand to gain additional market share from Chrysler and General Motors. After the lock down of Edsel back in 1959. The development team found jobs at Chevrolet and Ford. But in the year 1998, they were back. Not back at Ford, but back as their own manufacturer, now producing utility vehicles, like the Rambo series.

    In development from 1996 (styling by Cliff Burton finalized in 1998), the third-generation Rambo was unveiled on February 7, 1997, at the 1997 Chicago Auto Show and debuted for the 2000 model year on 3500, 5000, 6400 and 7400 models. This was a major update including an all-new frame, suspension, powertrains, interiors, and sheet metal. The crew cab models for this generation were actually Quad Cab trucks that had conventional-opening rear doors. The four-wheel-drive light trucks (3500 series) lost their live axles in favor of an independent front suspension, but the 5000, 6400 and 7400 series retained the live axles for maximum longevity and durability; rear-wheel-drive 5000 & 6400 had class-exclusive rack and pinion steering for their independent front suspension (the 3500 also received rack and pinion steering for the first time). This body style drew heavily from the previous generation.

    The redesigned trucks bolstered sales, with 400,000 sold during 2000–2002 and nearly 450,000 sold during 2003–2005, a new high point for the Rambo name.

    Engine: 7420 cc. (7.4L / 452cui) OHV 24V V12 QuadTurbo Diesel
    Drivetrain: Front Longitudinal 4x4 with a manual locking differential.
    Power: 630 HP @ 3.000 RPM. & 1.966 Nm @ 1.800 RPM.
    Redline: 3.000 RPM.
    Transmission: 6 Speed Manual.
    Top Speed: 287 KPH ( MPH).
    Fuel Economy: 1.8 KM/L ( mpg).
    Engine Weight: 363 KG.
    0 to 100 km/h: 7.86 sec.
    80 to 120 km/h: 3.93 sec.
    100 to 0 km/h: 48.3 m.
    1/4 Mile: 15.78 sec.
    1 Mile: 27.91 sec.
    Chassis Type: Ladder.
    Chassis Material: Galvanized Steel.
    Panel Material: Treated Steel.
    Body Type: 2 door - 3-seater.
    Front Tires: 325/85C18.
    Rear Tires: 325/85/C18.
    Front Brakes: 375 mm. 6 Piston Solid Discs.
    Rear Brakes: 375 mm. 1 Piston Solid Discs.
    Suspension: Solid Axle Coil front and Solid Axle Leaf rear.
    Price: $47.500
    Electronical Help:
    Weight: 2910 KG. (60% front, 40% rear).
    Wheel base / Length / Width: 3.53 m. / 5.78 m. / 2.10 m.

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