Alpha 1999 Kato Celeritas 1.0

A 90's Japanese Sports Sedan

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    The Kato Celeritas is a late 90's Japanese sports sedan, made to compete with cars such as the BMW M3, and the Mercedes E 55. Unlike cars like that, the Celertias is AWD, using a 1.9 liter twin-turbo i6, going through a 6-speed manual.

    Specs -
    hp - 254 @7,300 rpm
    lb-ft - 222 @ 4,900 rpm
    Weight - 2967 lbs. (according to Automation)
    0-60 mph - 5.34 secs (according to Automation)
    Quarter Mile - 13.62 secs (according to Automation)
    Top Speed - 180 Mph (according to Automation)
    Braking distance - 109 ft. (according to Automation)

    (More variants coming!) (Hopefully)

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