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Unsupported 1996 Pessima Power Train Mod v4.1

Make your Pessima go from Boring to Fun!

  1. Added a New Engine, AWD and a new transmission.

    Whats New:

    -Added a 3.5L V6 rated at @260hp (Replacing the 3.0L in the old version)

    -Added a 6-speed Automatic

    -Added the choice of AWD, RWD, and FWD

    -4 new configs in the Vehicle Selector
  2. Adjustments made to the torque converter and transmission.

    The 3.43 and 3.27 differentials are being replaced by 3.33 and 3.06 differential ratios.

    The 5-speed automatic now considerably more responsive making up-shifts and down-shifts without hesitating instantaneously.

    The torque converter has been tuned to be firmer resulting in lower cruising rpm's followed by less slippage and stall torque is slightly reduced because of this.
  3. Adjusted 4th and 5th gear ratios to allow for a little bit more top speed.

    The 4th gear is slightly taller and the 5th gear is slightly shorter to allow for more top speed without shifting.
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