1996 Chevy Impala SS - 5.7L 260hp LT1 1.0

Considered the last real muscle car ever built !

  1. Cooki_monstre
    Legit the best replica I've built. Everything done at 0 quality
    except the engine (in order to get proper specs) in 1996
    Suspension - double wishbone front, solid coil on rear (live axle)
    Car hops in real life during bunrouts, I said exac t, to even the smallest detail
    Cammed version with 450Hp and 0 -100 in 4.4s coming soon
    - Will also have better exhaust sound
    Engine - 5.7L Pushrod V8 (4" x 3.48")
    - could not get torque to match the original car so I gave extra Hp
    304hp @ 5700rpm & 286lb-ft @ 5400 redline of 5800
    -----Legit own the car, you will never find a better replica-----------
    Painted in the 90s impala green - with iron heads like the real thing
    - Will do other lt1 chevs when blowers are available in automation
    - It floats and drives just like the real thing !
    Its a 5 speed trans (4 speed with overdrive) and tops out just over 150mph
    gearing is almost exact to trans spec - Car Tops out at 230 - Game isn't perfect or GM was ahead of the times in 96 - Probably just the game
    I used an advanced auto because frankly the regular auto didn't shift as
    - RWD with a geared LSD
    Total weight 4042 lbs
    0 - 100 7.02s
    No traction control but has abs
    I have no affiliation with Beam NG, Chevy or Automation

Recent Reviews

  1. Inn0centJok3r
    Version: 1.0
    I love the Impala! And yours looks the part! But you dont need to use 0 quality on everything in Automation. I mean this is a replica after all so it should get as close as possible to its original. Im not saying you shouldnt. but you dont need to ( use 0 Quality). Is there any possibility of a Police version? There are some mods that add police-like fixtures
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