1994 ETK K-Series 1.2.1

Sleek compact roadster from the late 90s.

  1. New parts, configurations, & and bug fixes

    Added new parts and ironed out some more bugs.

    • Added "Street Tuned (M)" and "Beater (A)" configs
      screenshot_2022-01-04_17-28-20.png screenshot_2022-01-04_17-18-00.png
    • Added Automatic Transmission with configurations
    • Added Fender Flares
    • Added Headlight Eyelids
    • Added Large Ducktail Spoiler
    • Added 2 front lip options, plastic and painted
    • Updated Old Paint skin
    • Fixed missing indicator and wiper stalks
    • Fixed driver side window having inverted collision triangles
    • General file optimization, although v1.2 is now ~200mb instead of ~170mb due to new content
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