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Unsupported 1994 4.3L V6 1.93

you all know what this is

  1. just tiding things up

    This just removes all the extra turbos and superchargers since last update removed them affecting max RPM. I left in the stage 3 for the built version because that motor likes to overheat the stock ingame ones. next update I will add in a ECU and the block change.
  2. Realistic fixes

    This update changes the torque curve to something more realistic and also it changes the RPM to the real 4,500 redline. This only affects the stock motor not the built one.
  3. bug fixes and afterfire support

    so after they update the game the turbos on all cars didn't work anymore and it is now fixed Also the V6 now has sound again (D-series) also the V6 has its own supercharger so only use V6B for built and V6 for the stock. And I removed all V6 stock intakes and sport intakes just so they don't clutter the part selector.
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  4. NOS

    nos had been added to every engine on every car. this will be the last update till sound is added and if anybody is good at making loops contact me
  5. upgraded turbos

    sorry for the inconvenience there was a material defect in the last turbos for the built V6 motor. But don't worry we switched manufacturers and now there should be no more overheating problems.
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  6. everyone gets a built motor

    now all vehicles supported by the regular 4.3L V6 have the built version of the 4.3L V6. Make sure to use the V6B intakes for this new motor. Also, the turbo kinda overheats on most new vehicles and I'm working on getting this fixed (might have to disable thermals). Also, I fixed some bugs like some vehicles not shifting up and also the SBR for some reason had the idle RPM at 50.
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  7. built 4.3L

    so this just adds a built version of the 4.3L V6 that is based off this motor

    it revs to about 7,700 rpm and has like 480ish torque and the torque rises to a higher rpm and also this thing likes boost (use the intakes with V6 infront of the name)
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  8. NEW SOUNDS!!!

    so the new update which gave us some awesome stock sounds so I decided to give this motor the V8 sound from the D-Series for all vehicles
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  9. hopper support

    adds the engine to the hopper
  10. covet update

    i added the engine to the covet but not the intakes since the wheels still spin in forth gear so only use the stock intake
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