Beta 1990 Magguie 406 Boxter Turbo 1.0

For my favourite lovely mother of mine.

  1. BaldurIsCool
    1990 Magguie 406 Boxter Turbo
    In 1988, a French woman named Magguie wanted a fast, reliable, rally convertible but couldnt find one she liked. So she built her own! Her project lasted 5 months, and after 1 year of driving it around, she won the lottery. And so, in 1989 mass production started on the Magguie 406. It was a huge succes. And now, you can get the chance to drive it!
    Id like to thank my wonderful mother for inspiring me to make this
    car. Her personality and in general whole persona inspired me to make this car. I hope you will enjoy driving this as much as my mother did when i told and showed her this project.

Recent Reviews

  1. G-Farce
    Version: 1.0
    your mum is a rally driver cool
    1. BaldurIsCool
      Author's Response
      No, it's a made up story. My mum works at a quantum physics institute
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