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1990 AFM Rabbit RS 1.0

The Rally Car built to beat the Covet

  1. killercar34
    Back in the late 1980s, the Ibishu Covet dominated the Rally scene because of it's light weight body and superb handling. After winning race after race, AFM decided to go head to head with it's own compact hatch, the Rabbit. Having a tuned Turbo Charged 1.5L I4 that makes 196hp makes this Rabbit a bit more powerful then the Covet. However, unlike the Covet, the Rabbit only has a 5 speed manual, not a 6 speed. This Rabbit RS is blank, ready to have any livery you can make thrown on it. This 1,940 Ib hatchback was designed to take down the Covet, and it can with a skilled enough driver. Are you that driver?


    1. AFMRabbit.png
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