1988 RER Golden Eagle 1.0

A 500hp Deathtrap built for speed.

  1. killercar34
    In the mid 1980s, RER was in a battle against Italian Supercar builder Civetta to see who can make the fastest production car at the time. Wanting to beat the Bolide 390 GTR's Top Speed of 190MPH, and in 1988 RER poured everything they had into one of their sport cars; the 939R. Giving the 939R a 500hp 6 cylinder Twin Turbo 4.3L Boxer engine and a custom made 5 speed manual transmission that allowed the 939R a top speed of over 200MPH! However, RER wanted to give this special edition of the 939R it's own name. After many suggestions, RER decided to name the car after the founder's favorite animal, the Eagle. After the prototype was given a Yellow paint job, the name was changed to the Golden Eagle only a few days until the first few cars arrived into showrooms across Germany. This Golden Eagle is 1 out of only 70 cars ever built, so don't wreck it.


    1. RERGoldenEagle.png
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