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1987 Lianjia Nogo CV 1.0

A Chinese Knockoff of the world's worst car

  1. killercar34
    The newly founded car manufacturer Lianjia decided to build a car for US markets with good intentions. Unfortunately, the car they used as inspiration was the 1985 Yugo GV, a car the entire world decided was one of the worst cars ever built, and because of poor Chinese to English translations, they named their car the Nogo over in the states. However, Lianjia refused to give up on trying to impress America and prove that their country could make a decent car and poured their hearts into every single Nogo they built. Even though the Yugo and Nogo share a similar 1.1L I4 engine that makes only 54hp, Lianjia tried to make their car reliable and easy to work on, which they succeeded. However, even though the Nogo was better then the Yugo, it had nothing to captivate the interest of Americans, so the Nogo disappeared from America's radar after a few years. The Nogo is now considered a Collecter's Item by car enthusiasts long after the Nogo finished production. This is one of the few all original running Nogo's left, so please don't destroy it. It may mean nothing to you, but over in China this car is the pride and joy of a few Chinese workers who had high hopes for this little brown brick on wheels.


    1. LianjiaNogo.png
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