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1986 Ibishu Dove 1.0

The Work Horse of the Land of the Rising Sun

  1. killercar34
    The Ibishu Dove is a very cheap but very powerful 4X4 Van that was used for anything you can think of; transporting food, tools, family members, crates, mail, etc. A few Doves have even been turned into RVs! The Ibishu Dove is powered by a 1.8L Turbocharged DOHC I4 that makes 167hp and is given a 5 speed manual transmission, so it's powerful enough to do most of the jobs you want it to. Just be warned, the Ibishu Dove is not that good at offroading, even though it is a 4X4, and it has a nasty habit of rolling over very easily, so just be cautious in the corners, ok?


    1. IbishuDove.png
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