Beta 1985 Watson Sabre LM-R 1.0

A Group C Le Mans car from the 1980s serving as the inspiration of the Sabre LM road car

  1. megaWatson
    If you thought the Sabre LM was a bit mental, think again. The LM-R is its insane track focused alter ego, designed specifically to compete in Le Mans.

    Behind the seats is the same 5.0L TT V12 engine found in the road car; only this version is capable of a monstrous 758 hp @ 6800 rpm and an even more ridiculous 760 lb-ft of torque @ 3900 rpm.

    This immense power, combined with the mere 2375 lbs (1077 kg) that it has to push around, results in quite a performer. 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) takes just 2.9 seconds, the quarter mile marker arriving 7 seconds later. Additionally, it'll hit a top speed of around 205 mph, a respectable figure.

    However, far removed from the world of electronic aids like traction control and ABS, it's a tricky machine to master. It does become quite stable once the immense down force kicks in, but beware of that tower of power at lower speeds.

    I hope you enjoy it!


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Recent Reviews

  1. Arhitekt
    Version: 1.0
    Very impressive and one of the best racing cars around here. Whatsoever, suspension feels too soft for LMP and engine gets too low redline in my opinion
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