1982 Serpent Serval Turbo 2.0

An 80's mid-engine digital-era supercar

  1. Secrane

    The Serpent Serval is 80's. It's almost painfully 80's. Pop-ups, turbocharged, heavy use of unpainted black plastic, a digital dashboard, and a wedgy design. It screams of neon, Florida beaches and maybe some illicit substances too.

    The Serval came at a time when the US was severely lacking in the sportscar market. The '73 fuel crisis and the '79 energy crisis had put a big dent in the sports-and-supercar market, and Serpent set their sights on righting the situation with the Serval - first introduced in 1980. The turbocharged version arrived a little later in 1982, now featuring aforementioned turbochargers.


    The silver color is complimented by black plastic - the engine is a moderately-sized V8 mounted in the middle. This is the turbocharged version, so it pumps out 320 horsepower! That's plenty of kick in that MR layout pushing that kind of power.


    The mid-mounted layout and 80's era means it has no driving assists - no ABS, no traction control, nothing. This, combined with its MR layout, means it can be a handful. The wide rear wheels should keep it in line, but you will have to watch yourself.

    Thank you for driving my car. I hope you enjoy it!

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