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1982 Chīsai Akita Turbo 1.0

A Turbo Charged Micro Van built for city streets

  1. killercar34
    Back in the early 70s, a Japanese company called Chīsai, usually called Chisai by foreigners, was founded that specializes in making tiny cars, usually called Kei Cars, for families to use to easily drive down the narrow roads of Japan. The Akita, a small 4 door van, was their most popular model of the late 70s and early 80s. However, Chīsai decided to retire the Akita name in the mid 80s. To celebrate the popularity and success of the Akita, Chīsai made a special version of the Akita for the last 3 years of it's production, the Akita Turbo. The Akita Turbo was given a 1.3L Turbo Charged I4 making 138hp, a 4X4 Drivetrain, and a 5 speed manual transmission giving the Akita a estimated top speed of 120mph.


    1. ChisaiAkitaTurbo.png
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