1982 - 2007 EtK K-Series Kc4t 1.1

A small 80S car from Ibishu & EtK

  1. Beamnlive
    The New EtK K-Series

    This All New Hit By Ibishu & EtK Has Gave Us The Best Car Of This Year!

    With A Starting Price Of 22,000 This Is The Cheapest RWD Convertible Sports Car.

    0-62 Is 13.37

    63-0 Is 3.11

    This Car Is Also Available As The Ibishu 100BX

    Why is the interior so Janky? This was my first time doing a interior.

    Why the name? The I-Series and K-Series have both letters for names, The 800-Series is numbers and is a modern car. So I think that the K-Series must have had a 80s model which had that name.


    1. screenshot_2020-07-24_17-34-44.png

Recent Reviews

  1. ILoveOldCars
    Version: 1.1
    Republican Cat it looks like an Automation car because it is an a Automation car
  2. Republican Cat
    Republican Cat
    Version: 1.0
    I gotta say if it wasn't your first, I'd probably rate it like 2 stars. I love the idea, but it seems it just isn't enough effort. The car itself is only a sheet of metal on some tires, it seems like an automation car almost. You should try and fill it in with some metal, I've never made a mod but I know it's hard, so make it even harder and it's gonna be the greatest, but nice job modelling, I couldn't tell it was from a mod even (other than the interior lol but good for a first)
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