1980's Ibishu 300BX 1.25

Hot Hatchback from the 80's outrun and miami sunsets era

  1. V1.25 Minor Accuracy Update

    Agent Uly (G.E.W.P)
    -added new config

    -edited horsepower and torque for RB and VG to be more accurate

    -edited differential to have more drivetrain losses to compensate

    -improved accuracy of Kouki front bumpers

    -edited Kouki hood bulge
  2. Right Hand Drive update

    Agent Uly (G.E.W.P)
    Added right hand drive variant for my fellow Japanese/European people.

  3. V0.15 quick fix

    Agent Uly (G.E.W.P)
    Horrendous apologies to the moderators who have had to approve of this for the third time this week.

    - Fixed all brake flexbodies being wonky and off center
    - Fixed racecar front suspension forces going crazy
    - Fixed black dash pods texturing issue
  4. V1.1 Patches and improvements

    Agent Uly (G.E.W.P)
    -swaybars should now be very accurate

    -professional new icons using thumbnail generator

    -edited Lowrider suspension to hop better

    -made crashbar show up less through the bumper

    -fixed some configurations

    -fixed turbochargers overheating

    -fixed forces from going crazy due to bad torque arms

    -added more AO to the footwells

    -fully removed brand names from rally skin

    -made rear crashes better on the fenders

    -edited car colors

    -added 26mm Shiro swaybar

    -updated some configs with...
  5. V1.01 Handling FIX

    Agent Uly (G.E.W.P)
    This Update fixes the fishtailing issue, which was caused by having the swaybars be 3x stronger than normal, as well as other tweaks.

    It also brings a fully finished, textured manual transmission.
  6. Full version is free!

    Agent Uly (G.E.W.P)
  7. Major cosmetics Update

    Agent Uly (G.E.W.P)
  8. 300BX Expansion package

    Agent Uly (G.E.W.P)
    Hello everyone! I have an update adding a multitude of things from boost gauges to lowriders which are all described here:

    What was made free:

    zenki headlight covers
    turbo dashes with boost gauges
    worn suspension
    beater config
    50th Anniversary edition config
    haruda's Z config
    Lowrider Config
    Stance Config

    Enjoy and let me know if there's any bugs!
  9. Minor Cosmetic Update

    Agent Uly (G.E.W.P)
    Hello everyone! I have a minor update for you all, here is the changelog:
    • redone windows

    • fixed mirrors

    • Proper Ibishu logo
    • fixed exterior shading on fenders and front end

    • cleaned up and corrected front bumpers to a more accurate look

    • remade some old meshes that were forgotten

    • Made front tension rod bushing slightly stiffer and not 35 year old rubber

    • added missing rear antenna base and fixed small details

    • updated carpet texture
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