1976 PFS Mały 1.1

Small car that made big changes

  1. Veyron730
    "Car that motorized Poland"
    In 1976 PFS (Polska Fabryka Samochodów) presented a new car named "Mały". It was slow, cheap car for masses. Its top speed was only 98km/h, but it was extremely efficient making 9.3km on one liter of fuel. Powered by 700cc 3-cyl. engine that made 36hp it was really underpowered, but pretty stable.

    Visually based on Polski Fiat 126p.

    screenshot_2019-05-08_19-45-47.png screenshot_2019-05-08_19-48-01.png screenshot_2019-05-10_17-13-19.png

Recent Updates

  1. Minor changes

Recent Reviews

  1. JanHálek
    Version: 1.0
    polska fabryka samochodow :D nice name and nice car i like it !
  2. Coshei
    Version: 1.0
    Piękny :D
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