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1974 Hirochi Raspberry Street Tuned 1.0

Se Potkee Perseesi

  1. killercar34
    Rebuild by a Finnish teen in his parent's garage, the Street Tuned Raspberry is not a car to mess with or around in. It's 1.2L I4 has been heavily modified and boosted up to over 110hp thanks to a racing twin carb setup, custom headers, a racing exhaust, and a bigger radiator with an electric fan. It's also been given a front and rear bumper delete, a painted front splitter, a small rear wing, fender flares, a hood scoop, aftermarket headlights, coil overs, 4 spoke chrome wheels, sport tires, racing bucket seats with racing harnesses, a racing tachometer, a nomi knockoff racing wheel, and a roll cage. For some reason the radio only plays Techno music and Hardbass.


    1. HirochiRaspberryST.png

Recent Reviews

  1. pixeaudi
    Version: 1.0
    Perkele much?
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