1970 Citroën Méhari Trackday 1.0

Lightweight body, V8 and RWD make for an amusing track kart.

  1. Nathan24™

    This vehicle is 3 of 5 in my Citroën Méhari series! This was a stupid but fun idea I had in mind while I was working on the Méhari in Automation over the summer. I was inspired by the "Trackday" configuration for the Ibishu Hopper, so I decided, why not try doing something similar? :p

    Links to other variants (be sure to check those out!):
    1. Stock
    2. Custom
    3. Trackday
    4. 4x4
    5. Electric
    So anyway, here is some information about the vehicle itself. This variant of the Méhari was stripped of all its bare essentials to make a purpose-designed race machine. This may not be the fastest race car on the track, but its great handling, combined with a peppy V8, RWD conversion and a stripped, lightweight body makes this vehicle a joy to toss around on the racetrack!

    I hope you have as much fun racing this as I had making it. :)

    Anyway, since there is not much else to say, here are some pictures!

    screenshot_2021-12-08_20-13-25.png screenshot_2021-12-08_20-13-40.png screenshot_2021-12-08_20-14-05.png screenshot_2021-12-08_20-14-25.png screenshot_2021-12-08_20-15-27.png
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