1968 Bogatyye Ublyudok 1.0

A Russian Luxury car for those who were more equal then others

  1. killercar34
    During the Communist Regime in Russia, cars were generally seen as a very rare luxury, but the Bogatyye Ublyudok was the most luxurious of the lot. For inspiration, Bogatyye, a car manufacture that specialized in making cars for government officials and the secret police, looked at the Burnside Special, which they fell in love with. However, many things about Burnside needed to be changed, like the Body, Engine, Suspension, and pretty much the whole car. Now the Bogatyye Ublyudok is like the Russian Cousin of the Burnside Special, expect slower and much more durable.


    1. BogatyyeUblyudok.png
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