1967 AFM Eulogy 1.0

A Hearse for the masses

  1. killercar34
    Hearses are very luxurious and carefully built hand-made vehicles when you think about it. Built from Burnsides, Gavrils, and Bruckells, at least in America, that are cut in half and rebuilt from the ground up with two purposes; One, to be one of the most luxurious cars you will ever ride in, and two, to be the final car you will ever ride in. But during the 1960s, AFM noticed that certain kinds of people weren't using Hearses to take Grandma from the Hospital to the hole in the ground she was going to lie in for the rest of time, but as their daily driver, their precious steel chariots, as regular cars they drove everywhere they went. However, Hearse aren't exactly mass produced and are very hard to come by and even harder to find parts for, so AFM decided to make a Hearse designed to be sold to people who love Hearses while making sure they were mass produced and that spare parts were plentiful. Enter the Eulogy, the finished product after tons of plans, concept cars, experimentations, and sleepless nights. Given a 6.0L V8 that makes 260hp, the Eulogy was not only a very nice looking Hearse, but a quick one for the time as well.


    1. AFMEulogy.png
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