Beta 1320 Offroad Wheel Pack 2.0b

5/6 Lug Offroad Wheels and Tires

  1. FredJohnsonInc
    1320 Offroad Wheel Pack

    [5 Lug Wheel Options]
    16x10 1320 Klassics
    17x9 1320 Klassics
    20x12 1320 Klassics

    [6 Lug Wheel Options]
    16x10 1320 XT37
    17x9 1320 XT37
    20x12 1320 XT37
    16x10 1320 Brobus
    17x9 1320 Brobus
    20x12 1320 Brobus
    16x10 1320 Assault Renegade
    17x9 1320 Assualt Renegade
    20x12 1320 Assault Renegade

    [8 Lug Wheel Options]
    16x10 1320 AFB13 with Beadlock
    17x9 1320 AFB13 with Beadlock
    20x12 1320 AFB13 with Beadlock
    16x10 1320 Rock Basher
    17x9 1320 Rock Basher
    20x12 1320 Rock Basher
    16x10 1320 CC2 with Beadlock
    17x9 1320 CC2 with Beadlock
    20x12 1320 CC2 with Beadlock
    16x10 1320 XDS4
    17x9 1320 XDS4
    20x12 1320 XDS4

    [16x10 Tire Options]
    1320 37x14.50R16 Terrian Attack
    1320 37x14.50R16 Mud Gripper
    1320 33x14.50R16 Xtreme Grabber

    [17x9 Tire Options]
    Your current 17x9 tires will work

    [20x12 Tire Options]
    1320 48x17.50R20 Terrian Attack
    1320 48x17.50R20 Mud Gripper
    1320 42x17.50R20 Xtreme Grabber

    screenshot_2022-01-20_21-38-41.png screenshot_2022-01-20_21-26-53.png screenshot_2022-01-20_21-17-11.png screenshot_2022-01-20_13-58-04.png screenshot_2022-01-20_14-02-08.png screenshot_2022-01-20_13-46-19.png screenshot_2021-12-23_03-53-04.png screenshot_2021-12-23_03-56-07.png screenshot_2021-12-23_03-57-41.png screenshot_2021-12-24_12-41-01.png

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  1. 1320 Offroad Wheel Pack

Recent Reviews

  1. Elving
    Version: 1.0
    I really like your wheels :) Any plans on making them 17x9 too? To make the more generic offroad tires fit.
    1. FredJohnsonInc
      Author's Response
      I might can incorporate that into the next update.
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