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10K Deo Volente - The almost fastest Automation car 7.0

It may break your game. Top Speed of 10667km/h (6628mph)!! Now theres Double Trouble!

  1. Inn0centJok3r
    @Anonymous275 , you are a madman.
    Also thanks for helping me

    Thank you Neilogical AND Speirs for taking the car and the V10 Destroyer for...multiple spins ^^

    You want to drive the fastest car you have ever driven?

    You want to surpass the speed of sound EIGHT times?
    Then the 10K Deo Volente is the right car for you!

    This once was the fastest Automation car. It is faster than most Planes.
    It was a really fun „battle“ between me and the V10 Destroyer ^^
    It can go Mach 8.6
    This is a Collaboration project with me, @Inn0centJok3r and @TheKraken
    Thanks to TheKraken for the main design and original idea of this car!
    I jbeam edited it completly and added the lettering and red accents.
    A massive thank you to @simon1234 !
    HighresScreenshot00192.png HighresScreenshot00194.png HighresScreenshot00195.png
    This is it. The 10K Deo Volente. A car so fast, it can break the speed of sound eight times. It features a very refined design with a crap ton of detail and work put into it. There are ~100+ parts that can detach from it. We worked around 30? days on this car.
    Other than literally every other high power Automation car, This doesnt use a Twin Turbo V12. Instead we went for something more stylish. A Supercharged Flatplane V8 that sounds like a Ferrari with a Supercharger. The engine Revs to 9200rpm and outputs 3679 Horsepower.

    Doe.png yeah.png uhm2.png
    A total of 14 gears keep it accelerating. Ive edited a lot of files of the car in order to achive its speed of 10667km/h (6628mph).
    The wheels and suspension have been buffed up a lot in order to support the speed!
    Before they would literally have exploded at ~850km/h.

    NOS is installed by default in your Deo!

    In previous updates I also added a few configurations with JATO rockets, a ram plow and police stuff, so even the fastest criminal won’t be hard to catch!

    HighresScreenshot00211.png HighresScreenshot00210.png HighresScreenshot00200.png HighresScreenshot00208.png HighresScreenshot00207.png HighresScreenshot00201.png
    Performance stats
    3679 Horsepower at 9000rpm

    Can be tuned to 5000hp
    0-100km/h in 1.65 seconds
    Top Speed of 10667km/h (6628mph)
    Redline at 9200rpm
    Can be tuned to 1.500.000RPM (yes)
    Weight of 1633kg
    HighresScreenshot00212.png HighresScreenshot00209.png HighresScreenshot00213.png
    Now to the
    Quirks and features

    A Supercharged Flatplane V8 engine

    A Front engine AWD layout
    Hard to break wheels and tires
    Hard to break suspension

    A custom light setup
    NITROUS! (up to 5000kw)
    Insane amounts of Grip
    screenshot_2019-01-19_00-21-05.png screenshot_2019-01-19_00-19-49.png screenshot_2019-01-19_00-17-40.png
    You might be surprised to read that this car actually handles like a god too!
    The short lap around Hirochi Raceway is done in 55 Seconds. That is only 5 seconds slower than the FR16...

    However nothing compared to the speed of the V10 Destroyer... props to you, Simon :p
    The 1/4 mile run is done in 6.660 seconds
    screenshot_2019-01-19_00-31-44.png screenshot_2019-01-19_00-32-16.png screenshot_2019-01-19_00-30-01.png
    screenshot_2019-03-15_21-34-13.png screenshot_2019-03-15_21-33-31.png screenshot_2019-03-15_21-33-46.png
    I edited the light setup. For a better experience at night!

    I also added some configurations, such as a police car, a ram plow and a JATO rocket one
    screenshot_2019-06-27_19-47-35.png screenshot_2019-06-27_19-56-09.png screenshot_2019-06-27_20-00-59.png

    ~Fun facts~
    If you brake at high speeds, the car will do a front flip. And cause an instability like this one:
    That is 97 Thousand times faster than the speed of light.
    And about 5 Times faster than Warp 9.999.

    There is no class that can define the speed of this car. So I made a new one Lolz
    The Deo travels 3 Kilometers PER SECOND at 10667km/h.

    screenshot_2019-01-19_02-48-35.png screenshot_2019-03-18_16-45-14.png screenshot_2019-03-18_16-52-31.png screenshot_2019-03-18_16-52-47.png screenshot_2019-03-18_16-43-57.png screenshot_2019-03-18_16-10-00.png screenshot_2019-03-18_16-20-39.png screenshot_2019-03-18_16-39-08.png screenshot_2019-03-18_16-13-42.png screenshot_2019-03-18_16-07-46.png

    Before you simply go and spawn up the car, there is a ton of info and other stuff to read!
    info1.png info2.png
    And here the Proof that if can actually go that fast! Airspeedometer!


    yeet.png yeet2.png
    (The Speedometer goes back to 0 after hitting 10000kmh)

    Anyway, have fun breaking the sound barrier Eight times!

    Please leave a rating if you enjoy these mad speeds!

Recent Reviews

  1. EnjoyMyHItsYT
    Version: 7.0
    how do you make all the configs and the added jatos etc?
  2. Kueso
    Version: 6.0
    now all it needs is an interior...
    we can dream cant we?
    looks (really) good lol
    1. Inn0centJok3r
      Author's Response
      Im not sure If I will ever get to create an interior for the Deo. I could try messing with flexbodies to get an interior, if that works like that
  3. Anonymous275
    Version: 6.0
    Honestly i like all of the configs, it's fast, it feels nice, and looks awesome 10/10
  4. Burnitup16
    Version: 5.0
    I tried everything to get this mod to work, I tried just putting the entire folder in my mods, I tried extracting and putting it in, I tried taking out all the files and trying each one as a .zip and as a regular folder, I tried downloading it from the in-game repository, I tried clearing my cache, nothing worked, but I still give this a good review because of the videos about it, and you seem to be an active creator that will actually try to solve this problem. this mod will show in my in-game mods folder, but it wont show on the vehicle selection list.
  5. ThatOnePengu
    Version: 5.0
    I cannot get this mod to work, I've installed it through repos and manually, it will show up as installed in the repos but when I load into a map it does not show up in my vehicle folder! It's probably my user error but it won't work for me
    1. Inn0centJok3r
      Author's Response
      Well Im sorry that it doesnt work for you. Various people have already reported this bug. We do not know what causes it. For most people it works fine.
      Make sure you have the newest version of BeamNG. Maybe clear the chache of your game
      If that doesnt work, you will find the Deo in the Garage (for whatever reason it shows up there) and then you can set it as default vehicle so you can drive it in freeroam
  6. JotaroPlatinum
    Version: 5.0
    looks both awesome and is absolutely insane to drive
    imagine if there was a version of this car with almost no weight so that it could go even faster even faster
    1. Inn0centJok3r
      Author's Response
      Well the next update will include a version that can Rev to 100.000RPM. It sounds like some jet taking off!
      Also various parts to improve Handling will be a part of the next update! Stay tuned! It will drop in the next few days
  7. GaboRT
    Version: 5.0
    Dude it is excellent, but i used it in another pc, in mi pc doesnt work and im new at beamng so can you pls help me?
    1. Inn0centJok3r
      Author's Response
      Well Me and my partner dont know why The Deo refuses to work for many people. We had a lot of reports about this issue. As far as we know, the Deo can be spawned in the Garage. Set it as default vehicle and the you should have it in freeroam
  8. M_Racing
    Version: 5.0
    Crashed my game 14 times. 10/10
    1. Inn0centJok3r
      Author's Response
      BeamNG + 6000mph car = nothing good
      The tires tend to break beam quite hard. I had it crash a few times too but certainly not 14 times
      Also, dont drive over spike stripy at 1000+km/h with it. Just general advice xD
      Thanks for your rating!
  9. skyeyemx
    Version: 5.0
    I love it. It's excellently fast yet the handling is manageable. Plus, the details are great!

    Fun fact for you; the Moon travels at 2,288 mph (relative to Earth). Your car is three times faster than the fucking Moon. Well done
    1. Inn0centJok3r
      Author's Response
      I always aim to make my fast cars reasonably controlable. The Deo, however, is only 5 seconds slower than a Formola 1 car around the short circut layout of Hirochi raceway!
      And thanks for the extra fact! You can outrun the moon with the Deo xD
      Thanks for your rating!
  10. bulgariancarguy
    Version: 5.0
    overall the car is good but for some reason when i put it in the mods folder it doesn't show up in the game. how do i fix this
    1. Inn0centJok3r
      Author's Response
      The car should work when you put it into the mods folder. Do you use an outdated version of BeamNG drive?
      If not, Try to redownload the mod. If that doenst work, un-zip the zip file, go to the mods folder, go into the unpacked folder, open the 'soundbreaker' file, then go to vehicles and to '10k Deo volente'. Then click on the info.json file and edit that. change the line with "type":"Automation" to "type":"car". Maybe that will work. If it still doesnt work, contact me with a private message
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