Beta '08 Furd Musteing Shelby GT500 Super Snack 1.2

A 2008 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Super Snake Replica. Oversteer guaranteed

  1. Improved looks and perfomance.


    A little wing (To improve looks, and it adds a little bit of downforce):
    Some "Shelby" lettering in the back, and "GT500" on the side:
    side vents on both sides of the car:
    Bigger Hood Scoop (For a better looking.)

    Bigger Brakes (For better stopping perfomance)

    Better quality tyres (It drastically reduces the wheelspin of the car, Making it easier to control.)

    Decreased 0-100: now it's got a...
  2. Added More Power (Now called "Super Snack" as a parody name for "SuperSnake")

    Power Raised to 605HP, and 956Nm of torque. thanks to the new Twin Turbo setup. Oversteer guaranteed.
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