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Apr 29, 2020
Feb 24, 2018

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from area 18, arc corp, stanton (aka starcitizen)

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Apr 29, 2020
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    i am also known as ghost panther in other games
    mwo s7
    star citizen

    likes: cars,off-road,drifting,anime, "night flight" by sega released by sega
    dislikes: ricers, fortnight,people who hate anime/cars.

    current car: invisible dream mobile
    engine: none
    drive train: none
    "literally nothing for nothing"- beam.ng weekly


    "i want a car" - Itsuki Takeuchi
    “Driving technique is not something you can obtain in a few days” - Bunta Fujiwara
    " No matter how strong the pain is, it's our duty to move forward. You're wrong for running away from reality.” - Ryosuke Takahashi
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