May 14, 2017

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Philippines, Manila
Trainee Pilot
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    Philippines, Manila
    Trainee Pilot
    Am just an everyday Gamer.


    Yeah breaker one nine this 'ere's the Rubber Duck. Uh, you got a copy on me Pig Pen C'mon.
    Uh yeah Ten-Four Pig Pen fer sure fer sure.
    By golly it's clean clear to Flag Town, C'mon
    Yeah its a big Ten -Four there Pig Pen
    Yeah we definitely got the front door, good buddy
    Mercy Sakes Alive looks like we've got us a convoy.

    "No parking? I got 18 Wheels of steel here. I might as well make my own."
    "Trying to play smart on that 4 wheeler of yours? I got 14 more and a 650Bhp engine."
    "The only power that matters to me is the one in front."
    "Don’t Muck Around With An 18 Wheel Trucker."
    "There ain’t nothing like a Caterpillar engine.”
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