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Oct 14, 2016

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California, sadly


from California, sadly

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May 18, 2022 at 9:11 AM
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    California, sadly
    Originally BlueGinge123.

    18, modder, successfully enslaved LJ, weeb

    Dennis is my frog. He likes to float around and make these adorable little croaks at night as he is a very smol boi

    Update: dennis literally commit suicide so now i have a new frog names Golberton the Third

    666th message! 8:21 PM 9/8/18 --- 2000th message! 9:44 PM 5/20/19 --- 4000th message! 5:22 PM 2/14/21 4000th message a second time! 5:08 PM 7/11/21 (it was literally just "cheese" lol)

    A jump into my music taste as of 11/12/21:

    cool moments that arent in my Sig:
    thomatoes50 agreed with my post here: (7:43 AM 6/3/19 PST)
    I guess thats cool

    Quotes I enjoyed, All of these are archaic:

    "TheMultiTuber was hospitalized after receiving 3rd degree burns from Kueso’s SCATHING comments."- rottenfitzy in reference to my massive burn on Multi lol

    "bippity boppity your head get chopped offity"- 98crownvic in reference to Spiicy's fortnite bus in Beam

    "this pc looks fishy"-Me to TokyoSouls over Steam.
    he asked me if something looked out of place on his desktop, my brain was not functioning

    "Sunbutt"- GotNoLimbs!


    "@BlueGinge123 is the only high iq person here, everyone else,
    retarded."- Cutlass

    "b25mitch buggered"- Z24zorpx4

    "H e i s a s u b a r u f a n b o y w h o m a k e s c l i c k b a i t a n d d o e s n o t l e a r n h o w t o m o d f r o m i t b e c a u s e h e i s a 5 y e a r o l d j a k e p a u l e r s o m e o n e m a k e t h i s t h e i r q u o t e"-TWilliams458

    "bbbbbbbbbbbbbb bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb bbbbbbbbbb" - LJ74

    "Ah fuck my head feels like penis music with every sony vegas effect at the same time bruh" - Spicymemes

    All hail Ytrewq
    The father of the B U G G E R D E V S


    Originally BlueGinge123
    Current WIP: KLJP. Released: 1987-1991 Ibishu Saga
    "your brain is there for a reason homie" -Alieu
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