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    if anyone needs help with skinning, you can ask me
    i make skins for this game as mods
    rp profile:
    I work at the (fictional) company called Jourentou inc. and am in charge of the car sales, and own the thread Jourentou Inc automotive section in sell your beam cars because of that. I drive an ETK I-series 2400ixL. We are based in east coast USA, but deliver in the entire USA. I have earned $21845. This is because cars under $12000 I get half of the money, and over $12000 I get 1/4 of the total money. The rest is used for buying more cars which I can sell. i am also making a firwood police skin mod.

    (if you still need someone to betatest, you can message me if you want to)


    you want to do something, but to do that something, you need to have done that something, but to do that, you need to do that something. its an enclosed loop, and a mean one as well. confused?
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