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Jul 1, 2020

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Enjoys summer and drinks cold bepis


from Poland

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Aug 4, 2021 at 8:23 PM
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    Enjoys summer and drinks cold bepis

    -I play Beamng.drive since 2016 but joined forums in July 2020
    -If my English might be wrond wrong, sorry for that. I'm trying my best, and I want to have something more with English in the future than just writing here:eek:
    -I like cars from the '60s to 90's and some new ones as well.
    -My discord: Jakux#1295 so if you want to talk with me; go on ye
    -Favourite song? KALEO-No Good (as of 21.07.2021)

    For all my followers: Thank You so much! It means a lot to me:oops:

    I will eat rocks-nowysen

    if this isnt sarcasm or satire im going to eat my hat-Dayz Me Rollin`

    sir this is community screenshots not a mcdonalds-nathan on beam

    hippity hoppity, your jbeam is now my property-DaddelZeit

    'Hippity hoppity, the legran brake jbeam is now my property'-DaddelZeit

    Pessimas are red, Covets are blue, All Ibishus go brap stu stu stu-TunedS54M3

    Upload screenshots, nerd.-ThatCarGuyDownTheStreet

    did you drop your BeamNG install into a McDonalds deep frier?-Kueso

    sory i dont speak ching chong langauges-appesh1

    Yield... More like Yeet-DaddelZeit

    Welcome back Daddy-HadACoolName

    ddel z it-Porsche lover


    Can we just use pigeons as the official measurement unit for the game from now on?-DaddelZeit

    nice cock and balls. mmm slurp :oops::oops:-DankMemeBunny

    I luv you posh mate oy`ave bak gimme a siggy innit cheesed off bloke daft frucker bollocks fish and chips bloody bloody arse-me, 5.02.2021

    The Soliad Michael-Nacho Problem

    The official car of reffering to your best friends mom as Dummy thicc right in front of him-Nacho Problem

    stop calling me gay-P_enta

    "I just bought a military surplus vehicle that weighs 6 tons"
    "What are you gonna do with it?"
    "I'm gonna turn it into a hillclimb car"-I_Like_Trophy_Trucks

    guys stop I don’t speak bratwurst-P_enta

    The update is releasing today? Damn might aswell shave everything off my body and get naked-Sturpy

    its gta v u dumbfuck-EnjoyMyHitsYT

    لو سمحت. لا تتوسل للحصول على تعديل. المؤلف سيجعل ما يريده لا يأخذ الطلبات. لماذا أكتب على العربية لول
    مهرباني ڪري. ڊونڊ موڊ لاءِ. ليکڪ جيڪو ٺاهيندو هو بناوت جي گهرج نه ڪندو. مان عربيءَ
    جي لولي تي ڇو ٿو لکان


    -Porsche Lover

    Let me kill myself with my spoon-Softair

    whale fock-IRetrOx

    sus your ass-Me

    happy Jakux noises-Blub

    I farted -Porsche Lover

    What if Jakux is a girl-Softair

    Everybody gangster until my vacuum cleaner can suck almost nothing-Blub

    love to be the reason someone smiles-IRetr0x

    mans got the mental capacity of a single hydrogen atom-DaddelZeit


    I do not have authority to make you a moderator, sorry-ManfredE3

    I want to kill myself using microwave door while seeing this monstrosity-Porsche Lover

    Why are you black?-Shinyodd

    Did Santa shove a Christmas tree up his ass?!-Markiplier

    Smell a pussy!-Teimo from My Summer Car

    *Slam* LAUGH!-Jacksepticeye

    Give me a milk, *desk slam* chocolate!-George McFly

    Let`s go hunt him woman!-James Pumphrey

    MASSIVE ASS! confirmed-Jimmy Broadbent

    Mae Im haveng I quic smonke fueq off m8-Gordon Ramsey

    My stomach just made a weird noise-MuYe


    Someone once told me that I was 12 inside. The only thing 12-year-olds crave is more Lego. Lego is fun; it's therapeutic. It's a beautiful sensation when you click the pieces together-James May
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