Jul 1, 2020

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    Sleeps at online classes
    Moje OHV chce miodu!

    -I like cars (duh), but mainly the old ones
    -Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 is the best Porsche ever made. I won`t change my mind. Even if you try.
    -But I also like other cars such as the 2010 Dodge Charger SRT-8, 2016 BMW M4 GTS, 1974 Ford Fiesta, El 1995 Lamborghini Diablo, 1981 BMW M1,1967 Mazda Cosmo L10A, 2013 Opel Insigna,1974 Datsun 100A(My Summer Car yes) and Dodge Challenger from 1970. I love A LOT more, but that will take 5 hours :D
    -I play Beamng.drive since 2016 but joined forums in July 2020
    -My fav vehicles in Beamng are Bruckell Legran, Gavril D-Series and ETK-I Series.
    -I also play Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012, Minecraft and My Summer car. I mostly play games that are forgotten.
    -I`m... a weird human. I can be more entertained by old Angry Birds than some shotting games like CS:GO. But don`t think I`m a nerd? maybe, dunno.
    -I don`t mind being rickrolled lol
    -Favourite song? Synth Kid-Elsewhere (as 20.02.2021)

    Other strange facts about me:
    -My favourite song in Minecraft is ''Mine On Venus'',
    -I once broke my right arm. While doing push-ups lol
    -On online classes, I watch videos about ''How to speak Finnish''. I want to understand My Summer Car without translation
    -I have Porsche 911 3.0 made out of Legos on my shelve. Really good model, I recommend this one if You don`t know which one to buy,
    -On my recommended, You will find a lot of Top Gear. And Bottom Gear. (cock)

    For all my followers: Thank You so much! It means a lot to me:oops:

    I will eat rocks-nowysen

    if this isnt sarcasm or satire im going to eat my hat- Dayz Me Rollin`

    sir this is community screenshots not a mcdonalds-nathan on beam

    hippity hoppity, your jbeam is now my property-DaddelZeit

    'Hippity hoppity, the legran brake jbeam is now my property'-DaddelZeit

    Pessimas are red, Covets are blue, All Ibishus go brap stu stu stu-TunedS54M3

    Upload screenshots, nerd.-ThatCarGuyDownTheStreet

    did you drop your BeamNG install into a McDonalds deep frier?-Kueso

    sory i dont speak ching chong langauges-appesh1

    Yield... More like Yeet-DaddelZeit

    Welcome back Daddy-HadACoolName

    ddel z it-Porsche lover

    Because he wants attention from Daddy Bryce-JDMguy05


    Can we just use pigeons as the official measurement unit for the game from now on? -DaddelZeit

    nice cock and balls. mmm slurp :oops::oops:-DankMemeBunny

    I luv you posh mate oy`ave bak gimme a siggy innit cheesed off bloke daft frucker bollocks fish and chips bloody bloody arse - me, 5.02.2021

    The Soliad Michael- Nacho Problem

    The official car of reffering to your best friends mom as Dummy thicc right in front of him- Nacho Problem

    stop calling me gay- P_enta

    "I just bought a military surplus vehicle that weighs 6 tons"
    "What are you gonna do with it?"
    "I'm gonna turn it into a hillclimb car"- I_Like_Trophy_Trucks

    guys stop I don’t speak bratwurst-P_enta

    Bonus quotes from ''famous'' people:
    Why are you black? - Shinyodd

    Did Santa shove a Christmas tree up his ass?! - Markiplier

    Smell a pussy!- Teimo from My Summer Car

    *Slam* LAUGH!- Jacksepticeye

    Give me a milk, *desk slam* chocolate! - George McFly

    Let`s go hunt him woman! -James Pumphrey

    MASSIVE ASS!, confirmed - Jimmy Broadbent


    That guy who changes his pfp every 2 weeks lol
    For the people who don't like tomato juice: You guys are losing the best!
    Subscribe to Markiplier, now

    `ery noic :cool:
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