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Feb 12, 2002 (Age: 16)
Essen, Germany


16, from Essen, Germany

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    Feb 12, 2002 (Age: 16)
    Essen, Germany
    Hello there! Im a fan of Supercars from the 2000s -especially the Saleen S7! I would love having it in Beam. I dont really like modern cars (2016 and newer). I love to play Beamng and also Nitro Nation Online (a mobile drag racing game)...i regularly create designs for my cars there and post them on IG and FB. I also drive Car Slalom in an not really interesting Opel Adam..
    I love creating cars in Automation and post alllll of them in the repo.
    Ive created various imaginary brands, all of them (exept murana and the car replicas) have their origin in Modnation racers where i originally created them years ago.
    Matador is an exclusive Super and Hypercar manufacturer, from italy
    RTR is a performance car manufacturer that has everything from Fun hot hatches to mind blowing Hypercars up their sleeves
    Manzen is a classic car manufacturer, that built pretty prestigious cars.
    Van builds Utilitarian vehicles and capable SUVs. They also build cars for the Military.
    Murana is the newest of the brands, i invented it a bit after the automation crossover. Its a russian car manufacturer. Cheap, but it get stuff done

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    Instagram: innocentjoker_designs
    I like Saleen

    (Most) Modern cars are ugly
    Neons (the car as well as the mod) are cool
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