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  1. Googlefluff replied to the thread Update Speculation thread.

    *cough* *cough*

    Aug 12, 2019 at 8:43 PM
  2. Googlefluff replied to the thread General Car Discussion.

    I'm from Alberta funnily enough. I don't live there anymore but yes, everyone knows they're terrible.

    Aug 11, 2019
  3. Googlefluff attached a file to the thread General Car Discussion.

    Today was the annual car show here. There was some neat stuff this year. [SPOILER] (I got a new phone yesterday so forgive the...

    20190810_125656.jpg 20190810_125739.jpg 20190810_130015.jpg 20190810_130056.jpg 20190810_130438.jpg 20190810_130532.jpg 20190810_130548.jpg 20190810_130657.jpg 20190810_131053.jpg 20190810_131451.jpg 20190810_131502.jpg 20190810_131900.jpg 20190810_132023.jpg 20190810_132139.jpg 20190810_132156.jpg 20190810_132307.jpg 20190810_132407.jpg 20190810_132513.jpg 20190810_132940.jpg 20190810_133039.jpg 20190810_133122.jpg 20190810_133145.jpg 20190810_133248.jpg 20190810_133311.jpg 20190810_133425.jpg 20190810_133448.jpg 20190810_133536.jpg 20190810_125607.jpg Aug 11, 2019
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