Apr 12, 2018

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    rip in pepperoni to kaisers cat who yeeted too hard and died himself

    All must praise the Rally Bolide.

    There are not 3, not 4, not even 5, but 2 easter eggs hidden in my "about" thing, so you'll get an imaginary cookie as a prize, if you find it. One is easy, other is not so much, actually depends on what you call an "easter egg".

    I like to chat, if it's a sensible one.

    I'm an introvert, and I like other introverts too, so feel free to have a chat with me if you consider yourself one.

    I like straight piped engines, especially the Lamborghini 6.5 V12, which is just eargasmic.

    The RUF CTR is a god darn death trap, don't drive it unless you have balls of steel.

    I like to hide text in white.

    I like cars, trucks, trains, buses, etc.

    I'm picky af in terms of food

    Why is 2nd called "second", shouldn't it be called "twoth" or "twond"?
    Or, 1st, it shouldn't be "first", it should be "oneth" or "ond".

    If I die, my internet history will be mostly full of me searching how to spell some easy to spell words.

    BMW P65B44 N/A 4.4-liter V8 sounds really good in the Z4 GT3, and the I8 V8 GTR Silhouette.

    Yamaha 1LR-GUE V10 sounds really good in the Lexus LFA.

    I like cucumber, salty cucumber. not that you perverts

    I once drove a BMW Z4 while eating cucumbers.

    I have eaten banana cream sandwich cookies while drifting a V8 ETK 858.

    me wan soso wewe

    I city rallied while eating more cucumbers in a Civetta Bolide Corse.

    I'm awkward

    My favorite color so far is orange n' black, with blue n' black close behind it, and before that, it was a fight between these two, before that, it was black n' red, which I still do like.

    Lamborghini L539 6.5L N/A V12 sounds really good in the Aventador.

    For some reason, I really like editing wiki pages and making them up-to-date. , not. It's going to be replaced by a new documentation system, ugh, how unnecessary


    I still desire gaga, but my desire of bubu is coming to an end with the glorious gravel bluebuck

    You can probably trick people to press this, because making it blue, makes it look like a link.

    I like manuals.

    I like steel 9 inch rims on european trucks.

    I hate EV's, except the Honda E and the Porsche Taycan.

    I like bananas.

    I once drove a Honda NSX while eating bananas.

    I hate the new screen mirrors of the new 2019 Mercedes Benz Actros.

    Why aren't sedans called trunkbacks?

    I like sleeper wagons.

    TLDR: I exist, like and dislike some stuff

    My Milestones:
    400 messages: 22nd of August, 2019
    500 messages: 17th of September, 2019
    600 messages: 16th of November, 2019
    700 messages: 8th of January, 2020

    I guess some quotes come here so;

    "Wigigigigigigigigigigigigigi" - SubaruSTI07™

    "If it looks stupid but it works, it's not stupid." - Bernd, to his jbeamstructures

    "its like school but you become even dumber" -jerrie

    "Doing Jbeam work is like making dinner; you do random shit and hope it turns out right." - Blijo

    "AH! AH! YOU ARE RIGHT MY ORGANIC FRIEND.", "I grew gray hairs", "No pic because I can." - Nadeox1

    "le voiture la baguette hon hon shon von hon le baguette", "the soso inst going to wewe this updat", "because wood is wooden because wooden looks good and its wood", "because its civetta and civetta is making supercars supercars arent vans so the van isnt a supercar and the van will not be a supercar so it will have a bolide engine except it has 4 cylinders less so its a bolide with an i4 that is cut out of a V8 that was in the civetta bolide which doesn't make the van a supercar", "I was eating bread with butter, and it was like real butter, not a butter that isnt a butter, it was real butter." -Nowysen

    "i mean youre allowed to put there any silly shiet i say just not the h", "that", "chill down and calm out", "hiw many fo you hqvr"- Luna The Foxxo

    "REEEE", "Bng updating en. En*. En*. En*. Rn*.", "FUCK ANDROID PUSSY ASS", "cyka lmao", "It goes skibidi papap", "knob on my nob", "*My phone being water proof - *Keyboard with a bit of water on it: Ufkaubxbq", "windwos", "let me Fuck pig", "Im under spongebobs on steroids rn", "I put my exhaust in her trunk", "Not play WTF Fuck u keyboard suck my gretta", "leave my fiat alone"- KaiserimnopYT

    "that's good my dude", "anythibf", "What to do withbthis infirmstion", "Wifi brokfjdrrhsen", "Unfurtuibbnaaately", "dishes", "Hmnmjvmnmmmmmmnhmmbmmmymm", "Prahbuhbly", "exceeding the speed of velocipy", "Dats yood", "i can already feel the heavydutiness of 8x8", "I domt qote ppl", "Barberbirbrobberbarberbieber", "vermrprpoorpomrmrorinrinorvinrininrororimormfrijjrgnrrinorfioioinqoiwnqirovriorqnioqevbpobmkoqev,f", "Llook at em eheela", "deL rolbaac", "Dpnt interupkntx me", "KORKS AND FEETCHURS" -MRcrash

    "show me your butthole hee hee" -wablel

    "coh myoo nee kay shun" -CJ

    "HWH", "büdkdödbüdküdü", "Öüüvrülehlüülbrlügelüübögöhüümüjözügövöhögleülhübgpfpwpeüücübbpöeöqöfpüsüßßßüünüükülülüßülümönkplüülrlülrürtääzäjäjöböböbönöönöbäjäjäjäkäüküküküäküküü", "Im your local sBEVE Dealer" -Inn0centJok3r

    "official content from me man", "so9 they stioll have to much rpghin eh", "back rororororoor", "for truck truck", "well ims tuck with truck maknig for this game so" -Negative_Ice

    "You is not posting a pictures bro! Not cool and good bro!:mad::mad: You is not reading title of thred! Is community screenshotnts! :mad::mad: Each is posting an image of Beam.Ng driving! :mad:" -zestyfolfdude

    "ford fiest", "i frogto to send the .dae file", "build fort dough", "galasxay bed tim i slep and dream about the stars and then enteral darkness fil withj balsl of fire and explosion", "bep bep buble bus am coming to take all the childen", "the etki is just "germany" in one car", "cyberfuck", "dis iz a 5 cyclinder", "you know its a v8 when you can literally watch the fuel needle go down", "hipedeapeiepiha", "herent'dve'ly'ing'ed", "eh just go back in time invent bluetooth", "gogle gay", "huuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhyuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiooooooooomnnnnnnnnnn", "who needs a blower when you can have yet another i3", "jargl impoozer", "ok boober", "pickleina just taking its vna for a drive", "they should straight pipe thje tram", "i am a kiwi" -LJ Designs

    "well are not you is posting image drive beam?" -appesh1

    "ask my child", "my goosh", "Jerk Windows" -Kueso

    "show me your tablehole hee hee", "never gonna heeg you up never gonna heeg you down", "make me go go heeg car and give it to me" -Table.

    "laughing my off ass", "dord docus" -Nacho Problem

    "renault c3 aircross", "aerodynamics of a lobster" - Google Reccomendations

    "so i am big fan of cars i live in minivan outside jbem facotry in the centre of belasco city", -Mad Genexixs

    "Huhu tototo gugu, gurgl!" - Unknown man from stone age

    "Please contact our support if you experience any problems:" - tdev

    Aaaaaaaand, special shout out to BeamBot for being in some computer.


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