Two crashes on Pobcot Island

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    Sep 7, 2017
    screenshot_00001.jpg screenshot_00000.jpg The picture of the Grand Marshall Coupe was the crash that killed a man. The story goes, Jakub Teri was driving to work when a bump on the highway startled him and it sent his car flying off the cliff and the car landed on its hood and bounced up and crushed the drivers side. Jakub was sent to the hospital, but soon passed due to his injuries. The next story of the day is about the Gavril D-15 Bandito. Marlie Kat and Caleigh Lifir were on their way home from a party. Marlie was texting and driving. Caleigh screamed, because the car was slowly turning into the opposite lane. It scared Marlie and caused her to smash into the barrier. They both lived and suffered minor injuries.

    (This story is fictional and anyone resembling somebody in the real world is a coincidence.)
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