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    Jun 18, 2015

    Hello all! I'm titleguy1, and although I wouldn't exactly call myself an active member on the BeamNG forum, I would like to share a new configurations pack that I made. I'll show you the few cars that are currently in the pack ATM as well as some descriptions.

    •Hirochi Sunburst Stanced•

    The Stanced Sunburst shown here is actually not purely form over function; yes, it is low and has "great" (depending if you like stanced cars) fitment; but the base car is a Sunburst RS. With a few changed parts and flashy 20" ETK wheels, though, this Sunburst is sure to attract attention.

    •Hirochi Sunburst Ecosport Concept•

    This Sunburst, a concept conceived in 2012, features all of the best aspects of the Sunburst RS; namely, AWD and the sweet turbocharged Inline-4 Cylinder. However, in this version, named the Ecosport, the car now has - *gasp* - a Continuously Variable Transmission. Fear not! Put it in "automatic" mode, shove it into drive, and watch as the tachometer rises steadily.

    •Hirochi Sunburst Gymkhana•

    The Sunburst Gymkhana is a pure fun machine. At least, it is until the coolant overheats, which is sadly extremely quick. Regardless, the Gymkhana is best experienced when you throw it into the nearest corner 40 MPH (64 km/h) too quickly and proceed to continue driving around that corner, sideways.

    •Ibishu Pessima Wangan•

    (Excuse the black box on the bottom right.)

    The Wangan Pessima looks like any other Pessima, except maybe for the fancy wheels. If you think that and are willing to race (illegally), be warned; this Pessima is perfectly comfortable cruising and turning at over 186 MPH (300 km/h). At lower speeds, it's just as easy to drive as a normal AWD Pessima, albeit with a huge turbo and oddly drift-y characteristics.

    •Gavril D35 Baja•

    The Baja version of the Gavril D35 is a seriously crazy off-roader. Sporting the D35's heavy-duty frame and the sheer power of the supercharged V8 as well as custom off-road wheels, this Baja version has been proven to be absolutely amazing to drive off-road. At low speeds on road, handle with care. The suspension, due to very soft tuning, is highly prone to flipping.

    So that's my pack! If there's any requests you guys want to see from me, just ask me! Hopefully I can reach 10 car configurations soon; just remember to request and tell me what you want to see!​
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