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Experimental Time of Day & Sun Position Charts/Calculators for BeamNG, World Editor

Discussion in 'Utilities and programming' started by B3_Burner, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. B3_Burner

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    Mar 13, 2019
    Hello! This has been about two months in the making, and I had some sort of an abstract goal in mind when I started; but I think I've finally taken the project to where I more or less intended it to go.

    To boil this work down to one phrase, I would simply say "Geo-Astro Studies", or the study of how the sun relates to the earth. In this case, time, date, and sun position in the observer's sky. Actually, Geo-Astro studies consists of much more than just Sun position in relation to the Earth... so know that I'm using the term very loosely to describe just one very small element of it.

    This began when I wanted to know what "clock" time it was supposed to be in a given map (instead of decimal TOD), and for solar navigation purposes, was the sun in the correct part of the sky?

    I can't help but notice that the direction light is cast has not only a powerful psychological effect, in terms of mood and feel of the map, but the sun shining down & shadows being cast, in completely different directions-- than what the default position started off as-- can completely disorient one's sense of direction, sub-consciously. (Well... at least it does me).

    So I set out to enter the World Editor, learned how to read, interpret, and edit the TOD folder and the SkySun folder—as it relates to clock, time of day, sun position, and moon position in the game.

    What I've found is that the system is not perfect, but it's generally good enough, if you know how to properly tweak a few things. Maybe one day we will have accurate sun positioning based on latitude/longitude, date & time in BeamNG. I know flight simulator programs can already do it. But until then, maybe some of my charts and Excel spreadsheet calculators will help.

    This is just a general intro for the forum post. The read-me files I have nested in the .zip file are much more in-depth. Read what you want, use what you want. It's all explained in there. For those who don't have Excel, I've also included .PDF copies of the static charts. Calculators need cell calculation to work, so I couldn't PDF those. Sorry. I do get verbose (wordy) at times, and there is a lot to look at and take in, but that's just because of my enthusiasm for this topic and my desire to share with the community.

    I figure I'm a relative new comer to the community. I can't build cars, I can't make maps. But I want to offer something to this community—that is unique and different—so I chose this. I hope you like it and find it useful.

    If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for improvement; I'd like to hear it.

    Thank you for checking it out.

    -- B3B

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