This guy tried to scam me

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  1. henryjhost

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    Jan 1, 2018
    So I have a car detailing business that I run out of my parent's garage. Today I get a text...

    Him: Greetings this is John Smith(Not actual name) i will like to know if you are available for car wash and detailing.

    Me: I will be available this weekend. Let me know what time and day. Anytime before 6:00 pm would be great since it will take 3-4 hours.

    Him: Sounds good, how much do you charge per (2013 Chevrolet Express Cargo Van 1500 Regular Wheelbase RWD) for the full detailing and full interior and exterior wash service?

    Me: $60

    Him: How many days will you take to get 5 vehicles done? Okay I have a private driver that will deliver those vehicles down to your shop and pick them up when you are done too. How many days will you take to get 5 vehicles done?

    Me: I'm a student that works out of his parents garage but I could do 1-2 vans a day for 4 hours a van. I could probably do 3 vans a weekend for 2 weekends.

    Him: Perfect get me the estimate for the 5 vehicles so that I can be able to make payment with my card okay.

    Me: It will be $300. Could you pay check? If not let me know.

    Him: I won't be able to make a check payment due to my current health condition and presently out of town for my surgery reasons. So I hope you accept credit card as a method of payment?

    Me: I should be able to. My phone is dying. I will get back to you at 5:00 after school.

    Him: Okay good. But before we proceed i would also like to know the name of your credit card merchant processor which you will be charging my credit card on?

    Me: Square. At school got to go.

    Him: Good day. Are you still at school?

    Me: Just got back. Had cross country practice. Do you have any other questions?

    Him: Also i will be needing a little favor from you regarding the private driver who will be bringing those vehicles to your place.

    Me: I just want to be clear regarding my services. I clean one vehicle at a time in my parents garage. I do not have space to store vehicles. I require drop off and pick up after the vehicle is cleaned within the hour of completion. You will be responsible for transporting vehicles to and from my location. Where are the vehicles being driven from?

    Him: Sounds good, i need you to help me coordinate his payment on my behalf because he does not have the facility to accept credit card. I hope you can handle this arrangement for me.

    Me(very suspicious): I am not comfortable with that. Let's do cash. If that won't work I'm afraid this isn't going to work for me.


    Thoughts? Anyone know how exactly he could have scammed me if I did follow through?
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  2. ManfredE3

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    Jan 9, 2016
    That is a unique experience. Not sure what he was even hoping to get out of that aside from wasting people's time.
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  3. Frank ツ

    Frank ツ
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    Jan 27, 2015
    Usally ; long text lots of discussion, excuses , being very polite = scam

    Not being that very polite quick talk, no bs = legit.

    If you are bored and have an expensive item in your steam inventory , make a trade topic you gonna get alot of friend request of scammers
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