Experimental The Longest Scenario Course Ever (933 KM)

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    Dec 29, 2019
    This is my first ''mod'' thread that I have ever published.
    This is an auto-generated scenario that takes hours to clear.

    Needed mods:

    Pseudo Random Tour Tool


    Roane Country map


    (Last tested on second version of the Roane Country map)



    1.: Download the needed mods listed above (if you haven't already).

    2.: Download my zip file listed below.

    3.: Go into the Downloads folder and right click on the zip file named ''TakesLong''. Then click on ''extract all''.

    4.: Open the extracted folder and drag and drop the ''prt'' folder in your Beamng folder. (If you already have that folder in your Beamng folder then simply copy over the content from ''prt'' folder from my zip file over to the ''prt'' folder in your Beamng folder.)

    5.: Start your game and go to the scenarios. Then start one of the ''Pseudo Random Tour'' scenarios. (f.e.: ''Pseudo Random Tour: East Coast USA'')

    6.: When the UI shows up, click on ''Scenario Generation'' in the top right corner of the UI. Then choose the Roane Country map and click on ''Generate Scenario''. Then go back to the main menu.

    7.: Now go to the scenarios and scroll down untill you see ''Pseudo Random Tour: Roane Country TN USA V_0.15.2.x 175sq/mi, 454sq/km for BEAM 0.15.X''. Double click it.

    8.: When the UI shows up, simply click on ''Load A Route''. Then tipe in ''TheNoLifeCourse''. (Don't want to be mean or something, it was just the first name that came to my mind.) and click on ''Load''.

    Then click on ''start'' and you are ready to play the lonest scenario ever.

    I am very sorry that this is so difficult to install, but at this moment this is the only way (that I know of) to share scenarios that were created with the Pseudo Random Tour Tool.

    Please tell me if this doesn't work for you because there are no testers yet.

    I am working on a tutorial video to make the installation steps much easier.


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