WIP Beta released Sunburst 2.5 & 3.6 liter engines + extras

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  1. Grams79

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    Jul 5, 2021

    Sunburst EJ253 & EZ36D engines!
    Engines and extras for the Hirochi Sunburst.

    Includes this 2475cc engine!

    Mod will add the 2.5 liter boxer engine EJ253 with 5-speed manual transmission, 4-speed automatic transmission and i-AVLS system from a 2006 Impreza 2.5i.

    Includes this 3564cc engine!

    Mod also adds the 3.6 liter six-cylinder boxer from a 2007 Tribeca.
    A larger oilpan and radiator for the H6 is included.

    Includes extras!

    Mod includes optional 5-speed manual transmission from the 2.5RS Impreza.

    Videos & Media

    Testing engines all stock with a few sport upgrades elsewhere. TCS is off.
    2.5i test at start, H6 test at 3:30:00, both quarter mile at end
    Video by Grams79

    Share your videos or photos of this mod and I'll pick a few to add here.

    Highly Suggested Compatible Mods

    Tips 'n FAQ
    Newest at top


    The EZ36D is heaver by about 150+ lbs. You will notice the ride height change after installing.
    Adjustments will likely need to be made in the suspension to accommodate.


    The EZ36D requires it's own larger oilpan and radiator unlike the EJ253 which can use the default Sunburst components.


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  2. Grams79

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    Jul 5, 2021

    Mission Complete Checklist

    ☑ EJ253 engine data with i-AVLS
    - ☐ Verified EJ253 engine data is acceptable with certified specialists.
    ☑ EJ253 boxer engine sound
    ☐ EJ253 exhaust sound
    ☐ EJ253 and system components 3d models

    ☑ EZ36D engine data
    - ☐ Verified EZ36D engine data acceptable with certified specialists.
    ☑ EZ36D engine sound
    ☐ EZ36D exhaust sound
    ☐ EZ36D and system components 3d models
    ☑ EZ36D oilpan and radiator.

    ☑ 5-speed manual transmission from 06-07 Impreza 2.5i
    ☑ 5-speed manual transmission from 98-01 Impreza 2.5RS
    ☑ 4-speed automatic transmission from 06-07 Impreza 2.5i

    Updates/Changes Log

    10.11.21 - v0.03.5
    1. EZ36D stock ECU added.
    2. Minor changes to sound configuration for both engines.

    10.07.21 - v0.03.2
    1. Sound upgrades for EJ253/EZ36D generated by Automation.
    2. Major changes to both engine sound configurations.
    3. Minor change misspelled title I4 to F4.

    09.03.21 - v0.02.6
    1. Changes to EJ253/EZ36D max RPM and idle RPM.
    2. Changes to component titles and title format.

    08.31.21 - v0.02.3
    Minor adjustments to the EJ253 i-AVLS power curve to gain more power starting from 1500-2500 rpm simulating the mid-high lobes.

    08.28.21 - v0.02.2b *shared to public
    1. Removed custom sounds for both engines replacing with BeamNG defaults.
    2. Files cleaned up and packaged for first public release.

    08.05.21 - v0.02.1
    1. Added another 5-speed transmission from the 2.5RS Impreza.
    2. Minor adjustments to both engine files attempting to dial everything in to the best of my knowledge.

    07.16.21 - v0.01.8
    1. Added custom engine sounds for both.
    2. Added required oilpan and radiator for the H6.

    06.12.21 - v0.01.555
    1. Added 3.6 liter torque band to another duplicate Sunburst engine file.
    2. Reduced power slightly on the EJ253.

    05.02.21 - v0.01.3
    1. Added 2.5i manual 5-speed and automatic 4-speed transmissions from 2006-2007 Impreza.
    2. Added a "jump" in engine power at 2500 rpm for the EJ253 to simulate the i-AVLS system.

    04.19.21 - v0.01.1
    Added 2.5 liter torque band to duplicate Sunburst engine file.
    Curve based on dyno charts and written information available.


    Grams79 - Mod founder and excited supporter.

    PowerstrokeHD - Exploited a spelling error for the EJ253 in version 0.02.6 changing Inline-4 (I4) to Flat-4 (F4).


    Latest mod version is 0.03.5
    Tested on BeamNG.drive 0.23.5

    Sunburst 2.5 & 3.6 liter engines + extras

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  3. Grams79

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    Jul 5, 2021
    Prier to public release, a brief history

    My name is Justin and I'm a Subaru fanatic / computer guru.
    First time I played BeamNG my choice of vehicle was automatically the Sunburst.
    Happy with the tuned and turbo versions, unhappy without my engine.
    When I say my engine, I mean the block I wrench on in the photo.
    That is a 2006 Impreza Hatch/Wag 2.5 EJ253 with intelligent-AVLS (VTEC is similar).

    So naturally I added the boxer myself tweaking it until I was tired and nearly satisfied.
    Soon after I added my dream upgrade engine and now we have a lot more power but still naturally aspirated so no lag.
    The H6 is much larger obviously, so additional components oilpan / radiator were added.

    Both engines, transmissions and extras were based off the default Sunburst files.
    I believe I got pretty close to how everything included functions in reality.
    However, I know there will be adjustments made when they are exploited.
    Everyone is welcome to contribute ideas and errors in the mod coding.
    If there is unnecessary code, missing code, incorrect code whatever point it out by replying here.

    The 3d models for each engine and systems is (for now) the default Sunburst.
    I would like to see this mod include correct engine system models, perhaps someone can corner that wish because I have not enough xp with polygons.
    Maybe the engine models from Automation??

    Sounds for both engines are default from Sunburst and Pickup.
    I did have custom sounds at one point during development... but it was not great and bulky.
    In the future I suspect someone will have a solution or other mod with better sound options.
    Or I may try to record and wrestle with the sound files again for another update.

    So anywho, I'm from Wisconsin BTW.
    I would like to see how close to realistic this mod will become with community support.
    No contribution is too small, reply away!

    If any modder would like to get involved with this project contact me or reply here.
    We can do some live testing perhaps... bring your own lunch.
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  4. porcheking

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    Jul 24, 2021
    great mod but can you give custom sounds as like a version and have to different versions one will have beamng sound the other will have custom sounds and you will update both, I hope you like my idea
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  5. EN07Z

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    Dec 26, 2020
    sweet mod, looking forward it
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  6. Grams79

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    Jul 5, 2021
    SOHCvsDOHC.jpg EJ25svsEZ30R-dynodynamicsruns.jpg

    Hey everyone!
    So are the engine stats correct or close enough so far? (v0.02.3)

    I personally think I got damn close on the numbers, but that doesn't mean it's finalized yet.
    Post a reply if you find issues!! Thanks

    Anyone who has tested the mod what do you think?
    More power here / less power there?

    If you are a mod developer comfortable with viewing engine files let me know how it looks... thanks.

    If you wrench on or own either of these engines what is your opinion on comparison to real world.
  7. tobias95ng

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    Sep 10, 2014

    On the 2.5l engine i cant realy hear the caracteristics of an Boxer engine in its sound it sounds to clean a boxer engine has more an rasy sound the stock SBR sound a bit more muffeled would fit it way better i think.
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  8. Grams79

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    Jul 5, 2021
    You are hearing the stock default BeamNG sounds for the Sunburst.
    Custom sounds will be coming soon.
  9. Awesomecarl Plays

    Awesomecarl Plays
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    Jan 21, 2021
    I have the mod installed, im using the normal unibody but I dont see the engines?

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  10. Grams79

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    Jul 5, 2021
    I backed up all my mods. Download the latest and tested with good results. Maybe something else is causing this issue for you. Try my test approach it may be something simply overlooked.
    Good luck.
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