Something like Scandinavian daily - New Map & Car

Discussion in 'Ideas and Suggestions' started by mxsterf, Jul 13, 2021.

  1. mxsterf

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    Jul 13, 2021
    Icelakes ? Some narrow forest paths ?
    Boxy Scandinavian RWD car with R5 engine,
    tires with spikes & chains ?

    When I was at work, I came up with an idea (from nowhere), that something like this is missing in BeamNG. A few days ago, by accident, I found a video on youtube, where you could see the author driving his Volvo with a RWD drive on the roads of snow-covered Scandinavia and drifting on the ice, recording the great sound of the R5 engine.

    The idea is to make the whole new scandinavian car brand like the mix of Volvo and Saab (obvious thing),
    with the R5 engines - petrol and diesel versions for example 2.4D ON and 2.3T 95, some 2.0s etc. with custom tuning parts ofc. ;)

    Drivetrain is also important,
    it would be nice to have special versions as well, like the AWD one, for example Volvo V70 R.

    The map - as I wrote before, something like a frosty village somewhere in Finland or Norway with icelake with size that alows you to do some fun, u know. This is pretty much all that i want to say.

    Summorizing, could be added:

    - whole new Scandinavian map with forest, icelake and snow on the ground
    - whole new Scandinavian car brand
    - new car in terms of volvo & saab, with boxy design
    - bunch of new R5 engines (petrol and diesel), turbo versions, custom straight piped exhaust with special engine rumble
    - fiew of drivetrain versions of this car, and body versions (sedan, combi )
    - new tires with spikes and chains

    I hope you will think about it, to maybe add it to the game.

    Here is some footages that includes all that goods.
    Volvo 950 T5 RWD
    Volvo 960 T5 RWD


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  2. Olrosse

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    Jan 21, 2013
    Yes the snowman mesh's natural habitat, this would be sick haha, maybe also with some snowy hillsides going down to the frozen lake on some places, and maybe a snowy layout on the ice like that place in sweden Mattias Ekström and them practices car control, but also with an open space of pure ice to slide around, i think if they made this it would be a great addition, however i might be biased being Norwegian haha
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