Some ideas for the Grand Marshal

Discussion in 'Ideas and Suggestions' started by 我大爱V8, Dec 31, 2017.


How do you think of these ideas?

  1. I just need a new Grand Marshal like this!

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  3. emmmmmm

  4. I think I have better ideas

  5. I can try to make these ideas come true

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  1. 我大爱V8

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    Oct 20, 2017
    I'm a fullsize car lover,I have some ideas for the Grand Marshal and I want to share it.
    1.I think the car needs a better look.My idea is to make a facelifted Grand Marshal based on the second-generation Crown Vic.
    ①A new grill and the badge is moved to the middle to the grill(a new badge sounds good too)
    ②Amber turning signal and new indicator(140 mph for the police version,and a new design,and a metric one for the Canadian version)
    ③The reverse lights can be a little larger,and closer to the license plate.
    ④New wheels and hubcaps(Crown Vic's wheels are 235(225 for the civillian version)/55 R17)
    ⑤Remove lights on the bumper,and the bumber should have a smoother look.
    ⑥New interior,and remove all the wood trim for the police version
    ⑦Long wheelbase for luxury(like town car)and taxi version
    2.The car's performance should be edited.
    ①120mph/140mph speed limiter(maybe useless)
    ②The car should be harder
    ③New engines(in fact there's no need for that,but a plastic cap is needed for the big V8)
    3.Some extras
    ①New pushbars and grill design(like plastic honeycomb grill etc)
    ②New lightbar design(Vector light bar from the Crown Vic mod is really great)
    ③Taxi and police equipment
    ④CNG version(haha)
    ⑤Some small style differences on the luxury and sport version
    ⑥Bulletproof version and Bulletproof door panels for the police version
    In fact many of these ideas can be done by just editing the texture of the car,I think this is easy for many people;)
    This idea comes out as I know there are some facelift mods for other cars.
    If you need some pictures for reference,just leave a comment below
    (Sorry for my bad English,my first language is Chinese)
    --- Post updated ---
    The Crown Vic is harder than it was
  2. christofferselin152

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    Sep 21, 2017
    sounds good, maybe a wagon
  3. 我大爱V8

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    Oct 20, 2017
    AR162B had made that before,but that mod is already outdated
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