WIP Beta released Race traction control

Discussion in 'Configurations' started by fufsgfen, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. fufsgfen

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    Jan 10, 2017
    This adds traction control part for SBR4, it is made for racing use.

    Also there are two configs, GT3 kind with bit over 500hp and RWD hillclimb with around 900hp, both are possible to drive even with keyboard I think.

    I still need to clean that LUA a bit, it is based on vanilla esc code, which I changed quite a bit.

    This traction control is faster to react than vanilla, using less throttle is faster, but also you can keep throttle floored, TC does not allow much wheelspin.

    Sadly I can't make it work as fast as I would like to, that works at framerate speed, so if you get 60fps it will adjust 60 times a second. I would like to have 400 times a second or faster, but it is not possible, unless you can make game run 400fps of course.

    If you framerate is really low it might not work so well.

    It is very easy to make work with other cars too, just change name and slot in jbeam, place in desired car's folder.

    Kinda managed to broke something so it does not want to turn off, might need some adjusting I guess.

    Change value of this line in jbeam to control level of TC:
    "slipThreshold": 5.0,

    Kinda would like to make that adjustable in car setup page, when motivation, time etc. finds into same place.

    I did try to make it so that it adjusts itself with tire slipping amount, but it is bit of hacked together, I'm not that skilled in LUA, but it does help to keep those monster powered cars on road bit better.

    Inspired by GT3 race cars in other sims / IRL.

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  2. Kueso

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    Oct 14, 2016
    very nice!
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  3. default0.0player

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    Nov 30, 2018
    BeamNG ESC does brake well, but cut throttle too abrupt and the response is too slow. This mod does throttle cut very well, especially in the eSBR. In RWD cars, this throttle-reducion TC+LSD is better than brake-vector TC+Open diff.
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