Beta Pretty Boy Truck 1.1

Good for burnouts and terrible credit

  1. DirtNastySidewayZ

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    Mar 25, 2016
    DirtNastySidewayZ submitted a new resource:

    Pretty Boy Truck - Good for burnouts and terrible credit

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  2. CreasingCurve

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    Jan 19, 2016
    I'll try and be polite about this because i know that we all had to start somewhere so i will make a list of the problems and improvements to this mod.

    1. while the folders are set up correctly they are not supposed to have capitols meaning the configs doesn't show up in the pickup config selection menu
    2. when i changed the capitols to lowercase the mod showed up in the pickups menu but there was no image thumbnail just a blank question mark with the name of the config
    3. when i loaded up the config it spawned the blue base D15 with the 4.1 I6 with no customisation
    4. the info.Json is also not correct and doesn't show in game as it has been put inside of a Jbeam formatted doucments not a notepad style json

    1. take a better screenshot so that only has the vehicle and not the telemetry and UI stuff in the background
    2. test out your mod before submitting to the forum
    3. gets some friends to give feedback before uploading to forum

    I'm not even sure why it wont work properly. i renamed the info.json and fixed the names but it will only show up in the game and will not load your config.

    I have attached a file of how it should be set out but the config stil will not show up when you try to load it.

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