Released Pigeon + Wigeon City Racecar Pack

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    Sep 15, 2021
    Hello. This is my first thing ever published on

    This Pack adds 2 vehicle Configs for our beloved Pigeon and Wigeon both are just the fastest version adapted to drive in a city without looking like that one guy that does Illegal Street Racing in Belasco City.

    Here is a Small Description about both Cars:

    Ibishu Pigeon Van Plus Drag Version:
    Do you want to import an illegal object through the border without the police being suspicious and do ''stock'''
    car races at the same time? Just Try Drag van Pigeon that also includes Nitro, a Beam navigator (so you don't get lost wherever you go), an enclosed topper (to make a minivan) and 4 wheels so you don't tip over. The Pigeon also has a top speed of 188 km/h and a rollbar for more safety.

    Ibishu Wigeon Mantis City Edition:

    Do you want a racecar that is fast and good looking? Then this car is for you.
    This Wigeon has 3 Licence plates(in case you lose one),Deafult Interior and this time don't have rollbar,
    but a top speed of ❓. PLUS: a Red Wigeon Livery just for fun.

    p.s. the wigeon has terrible handling.

    Here is a Screenshot so you have an idea of what the Configs look like

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